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Tuesday, 13 June 2023
  Yellow-crested Cockatoo R 4,500
The yellow-crested cockatoo is a popular cage bird whatsapp for more details : +27(0)838726627
Gauteng › Sandton
  Yellow Crested Cockatoo for sale R 7,500
our Yellow Crested Cockatoois a calm and loving parrot. She just loves to lie on your lap and be…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Umbrella Cockatoo for sale R 3,500
ur Umbrella Cockatoo is Friendly with other animals Hand raised from birth Very friendly with kids…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Blue Throated Macaw For Sale R 3,500
Our Blue Throat Macaw are beautiful birds. They have a bright blue face, neck, and back. Their…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Africa grey parrot for sale R 3,000
our African Grey is very sensitive and curious parrot. It always love to learn and experience new…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Young African Grey parrots for sale R 3,500
African Grey parrots are a good choice if you like a very inquisitive and intelligent animal. They…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Caique Parrots Sale R 2,000
our caique parrot it's a lovely bird, you can never get tried to see it playing around whatsapp for…
Gauteng › Sandton
  Rose Breasted Cockatoo Parrot For Sale R 2,500
Rose Breasted Cockatoos make wonderful companions. They are goofy, playful, affectionate and…
Gauteng › Sandton